wmacpi: A battery monitor dockapp for ACPI based systems.

wmacpi is a Window Maker dockapp, based on Tim Copperfield's wmacpi 1.34.

It started out as some hacking to make wmacpi-1.34 work with a current (2.5.7x) development kernel, and then proceeded to grow into a complete rewrite.

Version 2.1 was released on 2005-02-02, and there are some pre-releases of v2.2 out at the moment (2007-07-14) with the final version hopefully soon. Packages are in a number of distros: Debian, Gentoo, Fedora Extras, ALTLinux, and lots of derivatives.



A pre-release for 2.2 - 2.2rc1. This makes some major changes that should improve the behaviour of wmacpi on window managers other than Window Maker, by providing proper support fro running in a windowed mode rather than an iconified mode. Unfortunately, this also involves some incompatible changes to the command line options, but I doubt anyone will care much . . .


A new pre-release - 2.1rc1. This release requires libdockapp-0.5.0.


wmacpi 2.0 is finally out! *dances around in the rain nekkid to celebrate* ;-)

The final version implements a number of nifty new features, including:

See the changelog here, and download the tarball from here


I've put up a new version, 1.99r7, which fixes all the bugs reported against the Debian package to date. It also adds a new dependency: libdockapp At the moment it depends on libdockapp 0.4.0, since that's what's in Debian. When a new release goes in I'll port it to that.

I've also put up a tarball with this version of libdockapp, to make it simpler to get the right version.

This new release includes a first cut at dealing with systems that don't properly report the current rate of drain on the batteries - rather than using the current rate and he remaining capacity to calculate time remaining (as per the ACPI spec), wmacpi can now use the reported remaining capacity sampled over time to estimate the rate of drain, and from there the time remaining. It's not exactly very accurate, and it tends to jump around due to the granularity of the capacity reports from the battery, but it's better than nothing.

I'll be refining the code and adding support for recharging batteries in a later revision.


We've been picked up by the Debian wmacpi maintainer, and taken over the wmacpi name. I suppose that makes this the 'official' wmacpi version, now . . . ;-)



Started on AC
Started on AC power, with a fully charged battery.
After unplugging the
After pulling the AC power cord out.
This is a Fujitsu Lifebook p2120 with two high capacity batteries - phear my battery life! ;-)
Charging the battery
After plugging the power cord back in - the time displayed is the time left until the battery is fully charged.


Download the latest version from here.

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